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Apostolic Christian Way of Purity Guidelines

The Apostolic Christian Way of Purity (ACWP) is a 60-day, Biblically- based accountability program for individuals struggling with sexual temptation, pornography, compulsive masturbation, etc. Each student is assigned to a mentor who provides support, feedback, and guidelines. The student completes daily Bible study lessons and emails the lessons to his/her mentor.

While it is the students responsibility to enroll themselves into the program, we encourage the elder to recommend Way of Purity program to individuals they know are struggling.

How the ACWP Program Works

Anyone wishing to enroll in the program contacts ACCFS either by phone or by emailing ACCFS will send the student an intake form to be filled out and returned. ACCFS encourages but does not require, the student to inform the elder of his/her enrollment in the ACWP.

Assigning a Mentor
Once ACCFS receives the intake form and it is determined that ACWP is appropriate, the program will be mailed out promptly. A mentor is assigned to the student at this time. All mentors have been recommended to ACCFS by their home elder and are supervised by Matt Kaufmann, Program Director. Additional mentors will be trained as there is need and/or if we receive enough requests from elders who would like brothers/sisters in their home congregations to be trained. Due to churches different needs, ACCFS allows for flexibility on the type of mentorship. Currently, there are two types of mentors assignments available: “Open” Assignments and “Local” Assignments.

“Open” Assignments will be made randomly with each new student being assigned to the next available mentor. Since the program is through email, the mentor and student may be corresponding from across the country. The student can ask for a different mentor if he or she does not feel comfortable with the assigned mentor.

“Local” Assignments will be made only in churches where local ACWP mentors have been trained by ACCFS.

Complete a Lesson
The program consists of 60 daily lessons that build on each other. The lessons begin with a straightforward recognition of the power of God, His call on each of us to lead overcoming lives, and the importance of accountability. They continue through issues like the effects of sin and careless, growing in one’s relationship with the Lord, and the joy of living fulfilled and obedient lives. The strength of the program is that each lesson asks the student to answer several questions about scripture, the lesson, their life and their overcoming.

Send the Completed Lesson to the Mentor
After a student completes a lesson, he or she will then forward the answers to the mentor. The mentor will review the student’s lesson and and encouraged to provide a response on the lesson.


While we encourage individual to enroll in the ACWP, we also want to make clear that this program is not a “cure-all” or a “one-time-fix”. In addition, it is important that the individuals in the program are invested and serious about completing the program.

All ACWP mentors are trained to provide information that can be aggregated in an anonymous fashion to give the Elder Body a high level view of the program.

ACCFS is distributing ACWP under the licensing contract from Setting Captives Free (SCF). As a result, the ACWP program must be obtained from ACCFS directly and not be reproduced and distributed locally.