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Unmet Expectations Podcast Episodes

Unmet Expectations Part 1  
More often that we would like, our expectations go unmet. Unmet expectations are unique losses that give rise to unique grief. From significant to trivial issues, unmet expectations are all too familiar and commonplace. The first episode of the three part series will construct an awareness of unmet expectations and an understanding of the loss and associated grief that rise from them.

Unmet Expectations Part 2   
Solving the problem of unmet expectations is impossible, if the solution requires meeting our expectations. However, if we position unmet expectations in a larger understanding of the gospel we find them redeemable. Episode two is the second of a three part series on unmet expectations that carefully lays out this larger understanding.

Unmet Expectations Part 3
The Bible is full of examples of expectations going unmet. When we peer into these examples we find a common redemptive theme – God uses our failed expectations to meet His expectations for our good and His glory.