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Sexual & Gender Identity with Grace & Truth Podcast Episodes

Part 1:

Conviction of truth. Compassion for people. Context for our society. And comfort in Christ. These are our goals. Join Ted Witzig Jr. as he speaks to the important topic of gender and sexual identity with grace and truth.

Conviction of Truth

  • Mark 10:6-9
    • Gender is a divine creation.
    • Marriage between a man and a woman is a divine institution.
    • Fidelity is the divine intention.

Compassion for People

  • See people as Christ sees them. Love them.
    • We are created in God’s image.
    • We are loved by God.
    • We have undying souls.
    • We are in need of salvation.

Context for our Society

  • Common Cultural Script
    • I feel attracted to my same sex.
    • Attraction is a central identifier to who I am as a person.
    • Happiness is found in fulfillment of my identity.
    • I must live out my same sex attraction to flourish as a person.
  • People do not choose their sexual attraction. Attraction is complex.
  • Changing sexual attraction is not simple. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it does not.

Comfort in Christ

  • Jesus attracted people who had brokenness.
  • The repair that Jesus offers is much deeper than sexual orientation.
  • Jesus offers us an alternative script and it is good news for all of us.
    • I feel attracted to my same sex. This is just one example of brokenness in my life.
    • Sexual attraction is not the central identifier of my life. Rather, my identity in Christ is who I am at the core.
    • Happiness is found in fulfillment of my identity in Christ.
    • Human flourishing happens when I am conformed to Christ’s likeness. Thus, I do not need to act on sinful sexual urges.
  • Jesus offers the good news of conversion to anyone who wants it. A transformation occurs when we were once slaves to our brokenness and become new creatures with new minds set free to live according to Christ’s example.