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Personality & Spiritual Gifts In Marriage

Our desires, abilities, experiences, personality, and spiritual gifts are all God given resources that can work together in our pursuit of serving Him (Romans 15:6). Understanding your personality and the personality of your spouse is helpful in determining what roles and functions each of you will most naturally fulfill. A thorough understanding can help you anticipate your spouse’s needs and help you respect each other’s different ways of dealing with life.

When striving together as a couple to discover your individual spiritual gifts, remember that our design helps to reveal our purpose. Therefore, take note of the way you are each designed by God with desires and abilities. Recognize this design is for a purpose. Often, where you find yourself most effective and where you find the most satisfaction and joy indicate the presence of a spiritual gift. This gifting and design is for God’s glory and we are to use it for that end. For more information on each of these areas, please review the full document.

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