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Sexual Betrayal

The emotional pain that comes from sexual betrayal is indescribable. Research shows that around 69% of spouses experience relational trauma after the discovery of their spouse’s sexual addiction or betrayal. The marital relationship often forms one of the deepest attachment bonds. The more intimate the relationship, the higher the intensity of fear when there is …

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Marriage Intensives

Help is available in various forms for couples seeking restoration in their marriage relationship. Often couples experiencing significant marital distress choose the option of attending a marriage intensive program. These programs are usually all-inclusive and held over several days to weeks. Marital intensive programs allow couples to spend a significant amount of counseling hours focused …

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Rebuilding Trust Podcast Episodes

 Rebuilding Trust One of the hard realities of relationships is that love and hurt are bundled together. The vulnerability that relationship requires makes disappointment possible, even likely. Getting back up after disappointment and repairing trust is required for relationship maintenance.  In this episode Kaleb Beyer and Arlan Miller provide a helpful template for restoring trust.

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