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Comforting Scriptures in Times of Depression & Struggle

In times of depression or struggle, some people find it hard to pray and to read the Bible. This handout is designed to help you stay connected to God during times that are most difficult. Do what you can do. Keep it simple. Don’t try to figure out difficult passages of scripture. Reading and rereading …

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Marriage Decision Making Podcast Episodes

 Marriage Decision Making (Part 1): Faith and Wisdom Marriage decision making is under consideration in this episode of Breaking Bread.  Guests Ron Messner and Amber Miller discuss critical elements that form up “marriage by faith”. Marriage Decision Making (Part 2): When the Answer is No Giving and receiving a “no” is painful.  Ron Messner and Amber …

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Godly Principles of Conduct in the Workplace

What are Godly principles for the workplace? Hundreds of books have been written about the workplace: management, relationships, ethics, environment, culture, communications, education, etc. However, very few are dedicated to the kinds of behavior which should be exhibited by Christians. Many of us will spend a majority of the day in our place of employment …

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