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Addiction and Mental Health

ADDICTIONS AND MENTAL HEALTH When a person has both a diagnosed mental illness and an addiction, it is referred to as “dual diagnosis.” Mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and borderline personality disorder can make someone more susceptible to becoming addicted. This susceptibility may be because the addictive agent provides relief from the …

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Addiction Treatment

TREATMENT AND SUCCESS Treatment for addictions is multifaceted. Treatment must address both the obsession and the addictive agent regardless of whether the chemical is from an internal or external source. Treatment success is greatly dependent upon the willingness and participation level of the addict. At times, failure in addiction treatment occurs because the treatment plan …

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The ‘Overactive Conscience’ Part 3- Dealing With It

SO WHAT IS SCRUPULOSITY? Scrupulosity is one subtype of OCD. Other subtypes of OCD include checking, need for symmetry, repeating, contamination/cleaning/washing, and saving/hoarding. Obsessions and compulsions containing religious themes, hypermorality, pathological doubt/worry about sin, and excessive religious behavior are referred to as scrupulosity. The name “scrupulosity” was derived in the following way: The word ‘scruple’ …

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