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The ‘Overactive Conscience’ Part 3- Dealing With It

SO WHAT IS SCRUPULOSITY? Scrupulosity is one subtype of OCD. Other subtypes of OCD include checking, need for symmetry, repeating, contamination/cleaning/washing, and saving/hoarding. Obsessions and compulsions containing religious themes, hypermorality, pathological doubt/worry about sin, and excessive religious behavior are referred to as scrupulosity. The name “scrupulosity” was derived in the following way: The word ‘scruple’ …

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Forgiveness: Part 2 – Practical Application

Forgiveness: What It Is, What It Isn’t and How to Do It In order to learn how to apply forgiveness, it is critical to differentiate types of forgiveness from reconciliation and between errors and offences. Differentiating between Forgiveness and Reconciliation Forgiveness There are two types of forgiveness: Vertical and Horizontal. Vertical forgiveness is God extending forgiveness to humans …

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Depression – Manifestation and Treatment

VARIATIONS IN HOW DEPRESSION MANIFESTS BASED ON AGE AND GENDER. While depression manifests itself uniquely in each person struggling with it, there appear to be some patterns based on age and gender that can be helpful in identifying struggling individuals. Please note that not all individuals will fall neatly into these categories. Children. Depression in …

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