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Spiritual Disciplines: What is Worship?

The Hebrew word shachah means “to worship, prostrate oneself, bow down”. In 1 Samuel 24:8 shachah is translated “bowed” when describing David’s response to King Saul. In Exodus 34:8 it is translated “worshipped” describing Moses’ reaction to experiencing the Lord’s presence on Mount Sinai. In general, shachah gives the picture of acknowledging and yielding to …

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A Conversation Between The Generations Podcast Episodes

A Conversation Between The Generations, Part 1: Description: We are not self-made people. We are influenced. We are molded. Each one of us has been born into a generation and that generation has molded us. In this episode of Breaking Bread Tim Funk, Amber Miller, and Matt Kaufmann dialogue about different generations and learn from …

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