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Roles, Responsibilities, & Decision Making In Marriage

Below are several areas to consider with your fiancé/spouse within the topic of Roles, Responsibilities, and Decision Making in Marriage. The subject matter and Scriptures should serve as a starting point but it is not meant to be exhaustive. SCRIPTURAL DIRECTION AND BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES Jesus Christ gave us the perfect example. In thinking about your …

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Inform, Motivate & Equip

Very often, a compelling lesson has three elements present. The lesson should inform, motivate and equip. Inform: Bring certain facts to bear. Connect the dots of reason. Emphasize various truths. • Students know _________________________________. Motivation: Inspire desire within students to learn the information. • Students want _________________________________. Equip: Provide the furnishings to enable students to …

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Consultations for Mental Health Professionals on Scrupulosity and OCD

Ted Witzig, Jr., Ph.D. provides consultations to mental health professionals regarding scrupulosity and primarily obsessional forms of OCD (religious, sexual, and harm obsessions).    Topics Commonly Covered in Consultations:  Overcoming impasses in treatment for scrupulosity/OCD due to fears about doing CBT/ERP/ACT.  Implementing imaginal and in-vivo exposure and response prevention (ERP) in a way that is respectful of the client’s spiritual beliefs and faith tradition.  Improving outcomes …

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