Regardless of marital status, our goal as believers should be to lead an abundant life in Christ, overcoming temptation and working toward the furthering of His kingdom.  Without question, the experience of singleness comes with unique joys and challenges.  This section will explore common challenges faced by single males and females.  As we develop and update our resources, your input is appreciated.  Please contact us at for specific resource requests or suggestions. 

For singles considering marriage see Marriage Decision Making.


Singleness Redeemed Discussion Aids   (540 kb)
This series of discussion aids is intended to supply help, hope, and encouragement to our singles. Fourteen real and relevant heart issues are topics for discussion for individuals with their mentor or in small group settings. By viewing these issues through the lens of Scripture, we hope these discussion aids can encourage our thinking toward a more complete biblical understanding. [ACCFS]

Singleness and Sexuality
This three-part series of papers is intended to help individuals understand and deal with sexual feelings as commonly experienced in life. It was developed to challenge readers to a better level of understanding and encourage them to continue forward in this difficult struggle in a manner which honors Christ. [ACCFS]

Full Document (includes all three parts): Singleness and Sexuality  (351 kb)

  • Part 2: Sexual Desire and Lust   (281 kb)
    This paper looks at the definitions of sexual desire and lust and how these can manifest themselves in our life. It encourages an approach centered in grace and truth as we strive to live scripturally focused lives in these areas.

The Church and Singleness   (354 kb)   The Church and Singleness Podcast
This document discusses how the church views singleness and interacts with singles, encouraging healthy self-examination in this area. [ACCFS]

Refining Through Relationships   (480 kb)
Meeting relational needs in healthy ways can be a challenge many single people encounter. This document explores the challenges of both asking for help as well as pursuing relationships when it is hard. [ACCFS]

Boundaries in Relationships (525 kb)
This document outlines the elements of appropriate relationship boundaries between men and women. [ACCFS]

Dealing with Loneliness   (300 kb)
This document provides scriptural encouragement and practical application for individuals facing loneliness. Various types and forms of loneliness are discussed, the role of our thoughts in the experience of loneliness is explained, and options for dealing with loneliness are outlined. [ACCFS]

See also: Unmet Expectations; Financial Stewardship; Mentoring; Spiritual Gifts; Relationships.


The Identity Equation   
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God's Masterpiece  
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How Should I Relate to the Opposite Sex? 
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Developing Christ-Centered Self-Worth  
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The Church and Singleness Podcast Episodes

The Church and Singleness Part 1   (19:32)
Singleness [sing-guh l-nis] n. the state or quality of being single. Like trying to paint detail with a broad brush, the term “singleness” falls short in painting the finer points of the life of our unmarried brothers and sisters. Amber Miller, interviewed by Matt Kaufmann, exposes these finer points and attempts to paint a more accurate landscape of singleness in the church. This is the first episode in a podcast series devoted to redeeming the topic of singleness in the church.

The Church and Singleness Part 2    (19:14)
Marriage is to oneness as singleness is to sufficiency.  Both are visible testimonies of separate and critical concepts of the gospel. In this episode, we hope to explain how singleness uniquely and wonderfully supports the longer narrative of Scripture and the impact that it should have on the church.

The Church and Singleness Part 3     (22:45)
How do we live out singleness? Though it embodies the New Testament Covenant and serves great purpose in the church it is not easily lived out.  Challenges are many. Loneliness, sexual impurity and unhealthy identity are a few of the threats that plague the single. In this episode, we tackle these issues head on and see how the single has a unique opportunity to press toward Christ likeness.


Singlehood That Glorifies God
Author: John Coblentz
This 38-page booklet is a great manual for the single person or those seeking to understand and relate to singles. It's an honest, practical and scriptural guide, exhorting singles to live out their whole potential as God's child, for His glory.

Search for Significance
Author: Robert S. McGee
This book is about developing Christ-centered self-worth. It is good for individuals dealing with low self-worth, fear of failure, unhealthy people pleasing, and feelings of inferiority. There is a set of CDs available in this book.

"For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands."  Isaiah 55:12