Use of Technology

Technology is an integral and prevalent part of today’s society. It takes multiple forms, and while it has brought great gains in communication and productivity, technology also contains numerous aspects which can cause concern. Proper understanding, self-examination, and safeguards are essential when evaluating its implications for ourselves and our families. The Bible calls us to “walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise” (Ephesians 5:15). To that end, ACCFS has developed several resources to offer guidance on the appropriate use of technology.


Five Technology Questions to Consider  (110 kb)
These five questions consider the pervasiveness of technology in our world today and how it influences and affects us. [ACCFS]

Internet Filtering/Monitoring Quick Reference  (94 kb)
This one-page document is a quick reference to several Internet safety software options for both computers and mobile phones. [ACCFS]

Technology Principles    (344 kb)
This shorter summary resource highlights four key scriptural principles and the associated warnings in the realm of technology. Self-examination questions are given for each principle. There is also a series of appendices which offer further discussion for different usage groups including parents, social media, high risk environments, and business owners. [ACCFS]

Technology Teaching Principles Discussion Aids   (199 kb)
These discussion aids are a resource for parents, Sunday School teachers, and/or adults to discuss teaching principles around four areas of caution concerning the proper use of technology with students/children.  They are separated into grade school, middle school, and high school level questions. [ACCFS]

Family Technology Plan  (195 kb)
This resource can be used by families to assist in the development of a Family Technology Plan.  It provides important questions to consider when developing a plan and includes practical goals, skills/engagement areas, and boundaries for different age levels of children.  It also includes sample plans for reference. [ACCFS]

Technology Guidelines for Christian Business Owners    (307 kb)
Christian business owners and employers have a unique opportunity and responsibility to model godly behavior to their employees and customers through appropriate technology use. It is encouraged employers consider protecting their employees as diligently as they would protect their own families. Staying informed of potential risks and taking proactive steps to minimize these risks can help provide a safe and productive technology environment for themselves and their employees. [ACCFS]

Guidance on Using Technology 
This document, from the Apostolic Christian Elder Technology Committee and posted on the church website, provides biblical principles and practical guidance for using technology.  Information about safe Internet use, selecting Internet filtering software, and proper use of mobile phones and other devices is included. [ACCA] 

A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
This website provides a wealth of information for parents  about how to prevent their children from being exploited by online bullying, predators, identity theft, online gaming, etc. [CallerSmart]

Common Sense Media
This site can be helpful for parents who want to learn about safe Internet use. It provides reviews of current media and shares information for parents on what types of issues to be aware of in developing a safe Internet use plan in your home. It should be noted the reviews on this site are not neccessarily written from a Christian perspective. Visit Plugged In for Christian reviews. []


Parenting, Purity, and Technology
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Safe Technology Use for the Whole Family
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Technology Podcast Episodes

Principles for Technology Use Part 1   (18:12)
The Bible makes no mention of the internet, apps, or virtual reality. Yet it speaks to them. In this episode, Arlan Miller and Matt Kaufmann provide a few helpful principles to use when discerning our technology use.

Principles for Technology Use Part 2   (12:15)
To misquote William Shakespeare, “All the world is the audience.”  The stage is our technology. With ever widening audiences our lives are broadcasted in circles we never intended. Users of technology need to understand this principle as well as others to navigate technology in the twenty-first century. This episode speaks to three final principles in technology use: time usage, Christ likeness, and social appropriateness.

Resources: Family Technology Plan    (514 kb)

Foundations For Adolescent Cell Phone Use    (17:12)
Is your child ready to have a cell phone? Counselors Craig Stickling and Brian Sutter, interviewed by Matt Kaufmann help coach parents on the significance of cell phone use among our adolescents.   

Common Mistakes and Safeguards with Adolescent Cell Phone Use   (17:04)
ACCFS counseling staff carefully unpack the necessary teaching that needs to accompany an adolescent who has a cell phone.

Reacting to Problems that arise from Adolescent Cell Phone Use   (19:55)
Challenges and problems will arise when adolescents are using cell phones. How should parents react to these challenges? ACCFS counseling staff presents the power of the cell phone contract.

Resources: Cell phone contract    (63 kb)

"Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."  Matthew 6:34