Christian Worldview & Apologetics

Whether we realize it or not, our beliefs affect the way we view all of life and reality. These beliefs, as a whole, can be called a "worldview" because they influence how we view ourselves and the world around us. When questions arise about life, death, relationships, or any issue our "worldview" helps us decide what we believe about the situation and how we should respond. A Christian worldview is a worldview grounded on truth as outlined in scripture. As Christians we are to have a “Christian worldview” because we want our beliefs and actions to be founded upon the Bible.

"Apologetics" is an area of study which uses faith and reason to defend why the “Christian worldview” makes sense and is the correct worldview.

Philippians 1:17 "…knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel."

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Apologetics Podcast Episodes

Apologetics Part 1: Laying a Foundation for the Topic   (15:51)
Christian apologetics is the discipline of making a defense for the Christian faith. Apologetics, therefore, has an important place in the life of a believer. But what place does it have? Does our faith rest on the sum total of a bunch of rational arguments? Or, do the arguments rest on our faith in God and thereby give rise to worship? In this episode, Brian Sutter, interviewed by Matt Kaufmann, cites the importance for both but advocates for worship. Apologetics offers a great deal of health and hope to the believer.

Apologetics Part 2: Grounding Our Faith   (18:00)
The Christian faith is not a house of cards, tenuous and in need of protection. Thus, questions and challenges are welcome. Within the church especially. Within our families absolutely. In this episode, Brian Sutter helps us understand four main lenses through which we can understand apologetics and make a defense for the faith.

Apologetics Part 3: Giving a Defense   (17:07)
You don’t need to be an intellectual to make a defense for the faith. A visible hope, a genuine love, an honest humility and a listening ear will go a long way in this regard. In this final episode of the Apologetics series Brian Sutter and Matt Kaufmann peal back the onion of faith to reveal the beauty of God and give some tips on how we can engage the skeptic.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”     Hebrews 11:1