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Money Matters In Marriage

God’s Word challenges us to consider whether two people can walk together unless they are in agreement (Amos 3:3). Money matters in marriage can be a real source of contention if couples don’t understand and apply God’s timeless truth to their financial situations. Money problems frequently occur in marriage because the husband and the wife have different personalities, family backgrounds, and life experiences. Understanding and assigning differing financial roles and responsibilities is important to ensure a healthy and God honoring marriage. You can learn more about effectively managing money matters in your marriage by reviewing the full document.

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For Further Information:

Embrace Your Money Type To Find Financial Unity (Focus on the Family)
This resource provides understanding and insight into how you and your spouse may be wired differently when it comes to managing money. The author uses seven different money types, associated with biblical characters, to bring awareness to your unique approach to money and how you can resolve financial conflict with others.

The Treasure Principle
Author: Randy Alcorn
This 93-page easy-read book explains the secrets of joyful giving.


Money and Marriage God’s Way
Author: Howard Dayton
This 221-page book offers practical, biblical principles applied to common financial problems encountered in marriage whether you are engaged, newly married, or empty nesters. It addresses a number of subjects very relevant to walking as a Christian in today’s world. It is also a good supplement to the premarital materials we have available.