Trauma Podcast Episodes

 Understanding Trauma (Part 1 of 3): The event is in the past.  It jeopardized your core, basic human needs.  Yet your mind and body remain on alert as if the event was in the present.  In this episode of Breaking Bread, Ted Witzig Jr. educates us on trauma. Understanding Trauma & PTSD (Part 2 …

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Fatherhood is a challenging and wonderful role designed by our Creator. It can be easy to let natural tendencies lead us in this area and fall on either extreme of passivity or dominance. Instead, let us pursue the call of biblical servant leadership where fathers are willing to learn, grow and lead by the Holy …

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in Technology

Five Technology Questions To Consider

It is rare to find an aspect of society today which is not influenced by technology. With such pervasiveness, it is wise to reflect on how technology is influencing and affecting each of us. We can take comfort in knowing that even in the midst of this changing world, God’s Word remains a constant standard …

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in Men

Leadership Characteristics From The Life Of Moses

Few men have been called upon to lead like Moses. The sheer numbers were staggering, a million people plus lowing cattle and bleating sheep. The terrain was unhospitable and the route ambiguous. Moses was met with elation and frustration. He experienced God’s miraculous grace and severe judgement. He faithfully led in the face of mutiny …

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Cultivating Friendship In Marriage

Marriage is an institution designed by God to fulfill some of His purposes. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, the marriage relationship is used to convey truths about our relationship with Jesus. The context of marriage originally referenced in Genesis was more than two individuals living together to form a lifelong union and produce offspring. …

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Building Emotional Connection Webinar

 Building Emotional Connection in Marriage How is the emotional climate of your marriage? How do you build safety and connection within your marriage? In this webinar, Kaleb Beyer looks at these questions and important aspects of deepening your emotional connection with your spouse. Handouts: Building Emotional Connection PPT Empathy/Sympathy video

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